Who are you and what’s your nature?

Hey 🙂

I’m Oliver, I’m a professional entertainer, which gives me some spare time to intermittently travel the world – sometimes lucky enough to be hired to perform in countries like Iceland (BEST New Year’s Eve EVER)!

I also like taking beautiful and stupid photos, recording too much video that I’ll never edit, adventuring on exciting activities and eating mangoes.

Since bombarding friends of Facebook with travel photos from Iceland I’ve had so many messages asking for Iceland travel tips and advice for visiting Reykjavik…

It’s at a stage where if a message pops up from someone I haven’t spoken to in ages or I’ve never even spoken to before I can guess with 100% success rate before reading it that they want some help and advice before visiting Iceland! Apart from that one guy recently in India who actually said: hiii sir I like to know about magic…

Good for him. Me too.

Anyway, I love Iceland, it is a beautiful country, you should definitely check it out!

But instead of trying to remember everything and reply to each message individually, I’ve decided to write this Iceland travel guide to help you fall in love with Iceland too!

This will start with basic information for travelling to Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik with all my top recommendations for how to have an incredible first visit.

I’ll cover things from giving you the best chances to see the Northern Lights, to which tours are worth your money and all the essentials if you want to head out for a night on the town in Reykjavik!

As time goes on, this website will grow to include more and more advice for travelling the rest of Iceland and seeing the less common hidden beauties of this wonderful island as well.

If you find any of this useful, please share this website with your friends on social media, write about it, tell people you meet in the pub, or you could be selfish and keep it to yourself… but I’m a giver, don’t just be a taker 😉

Remember, it’s about the journey!

And as long as the destination is Iceland, it’s going to be an awesome one!