Travelling to Iceland?

If you’re thinking about travelling to Iceland or already have a holiday in Iceland booked – congratulations!

You’re in for an

…and a mild aroma of egg.

(Don’t worry, I’ll explain further down)

Why am I in love with Iceland?

As a keen adventurer and traveller, Iceland and it’s capital, Reykjavik, fast became one of my favourite places to travel to in the world

  • Maybe I’m in love with Iceland because it was top of my bucket list to see the Aurora Borealis and I got lucky seeing the Northern Lights every time I’ve visited
  • Perhaps I love to travel to Iceland because I’ve been fortunate that the sunlight, sky, snow, scenery and visibility has been stunning for every tour and trip I’ve taken to see spectacular national parks, glaciers, beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, snowmobiling, quad biking etc.
  • Maybe I love visiting Iceland because I’ve only ever eaten absolutely delicious, high quality cuisine in every restaurant I’ve tried eating at there
  • I could love Iceland trips because the beer actually tastes surprisingly good (and I hate beer)
  • Maybe the reason I love travelling Iceland is because the people are super friendly, helpful and fun!
  • I could enjoy Iceland travel because it’s one of the safest places on the planet
  • Or I might love Iceland visits because the women are absolutely gorgeous…

Ok, it’s probably the last one.

But I’m in love with Iceland for all of the above reasons and more and  I want to help you on your journey to true love too…

Nervous about your first date with Iceland?

Allow me to introduce you and help you to fall in love with Iceland too…

Here’s my game strategy to ensure popping your Icelandic cherry isn’t an awkward encounter, but instead a MIND BLOWING experience you’ll brag about on Facebook and make your friends jealous with on Instagram…

Things to know before losing your Icelandic virginity

Iceland isn’t really a Netflix and Chill kind of date… Although you could quite happily just stay in Downtown Reykjavik and eat traditional Icelandic hotdogs all holiday, you could do that, yeah, but you’re not going to get a call back, you’re never going to want to see each other again. If that’s all you plan on doing with your time together then swipe left on your metaphorical travel Tinder, maybe Texas is the destination you’re looking for.

Iceland is the kind of date who wants to be adventurous, shown new things, pushed to the limit!

She’s a bit of a tom-boy, one of the lads, and isn’t afraid to fart in front of you…

Seriously. It’s important to know you will experience strange egg-like smells particularly when running hot water in bathrooms and kitchens. Don’t panic, it’s just the sulphur in the hot water that makes it smell different and great for bathing. The cold water comes from a different source and if you’re aware of this before you go, you won’t be as surprised and can happily consume the purest, best cold tap water in the world – no need to ever buy bottled water in Iceland.