Why am I in love with Iceland?

As a keen adventurer and traveller, Iceland and it’s capital, Reykjavik, fast became one of my favourite places to travel to in the world

  • Maybe I’m in love with Iceland because it was top of my bucket list to see the Aurora Borealis and I got lucky seeing the Northern Lights every time I’ve visited
  • Perhaps I love to travel to Iceland because I’ve been fortunate that the sunlight, sky, snow, scenery and visibility has been stunning for every tour and trip I’ve taken to see spectacular national parks, glaciers, beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, snowmobiling, quad biking etc.
  • Maybe I love visiting Iceland because I’ve only ever eaten absolutely delicious, high quality cuisine in every restaurant I’ve tried eating at there
  • I could love Iceland trips because the beer actually tastes surprisingly good (and I hate beer)
  • Maybe the reason I love travelling Iceland is because the people are super friendly, helpful and fun!
  • I could enjoy Iceland travel because it’s one of the safest places on the planet
  • Or I might love Iceland visits because the women are absolutely gorgeous…

Ok, it’s probably the last one.

But I’m in love with Iceland for all of the above reasons and more and  I want to help you on your journey to true love too…